PlayStation Store Returns Next Week

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Store will resume business starting next week. The service is expected to return on Tuesday, May 24. This means I can finally download The Fancy Pants Adventures. It also means all of you can download any games or DLC you may have had a watchful eye on prior to the PlayStation Network outage.

Sony sent out a memo to multiple companies detailing the process in which downloadable titles would be made available. Gamasutra reports that Sony will be releasing content at a steady rate to compensate for lost time. Currently, the PlayStation 3 manufacturer is planning to turn out two batches of content per week, though they will adjust those numbers accordingly if desired by publishers and developers.

All content originally scheduled for release on April 26 will be launched on the day of the PlayStation Store’s return. Three days afterward, content that was intended to launch on May 3 will appear on Sony’s online store. Following that, Sony will release all of the digital content that accumulated over the three weeks and release it on May 31 and June 3.

By then, Sony will be all caught up, and gamers will have instant access to all of the games and downloadable add-ons that they might have missed during the PlayStation Network debacle. Three weeks’ worth of content is certainly a lot to take in, but at least Sony’s trying to get everything out in a timely manner. So, who all is going to spend a lot of cash on these digital goods?