PlayStation 3 Moves Beyond Xbox 360 Global Sales

Xbox 360 fans, you may want to brace yourselves for the upcoming storm. According to Tose, a Japanese video game developer whose works includes the Legend of Starfy series, the total number of PlayStation 3s sold has exceeded the Xbox 360’s by one million units. Who would’ve been able to foreseen that with Sony’s early struggles?

The statistics were revealed at the Kyoto Cross Media Experience by Famitsu.

Global sales of each major console to date (lifetime):

PlayStation 2: 120,000,000

PlayStation: 102,000,000

Wii: 74,000,000

NES: 63,000,000

SNES: 49,000,000

PlayStation 3:

Xbox 360: 41,000,000

N64: 33,000,000

Megadrive: 34,000,000

Xbox: 24,000,000

GameCube: 22,000,000

Atari 2600:

DreamCast: 11,000,000

PC Engine: 10,000,000

Sega Saturn: 8,700,000

3DO: 2,000,000

PONG: 10,000

[source: Famitsu]

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