PlayStation’s ‘Sale of the Dead’ week 2 kicks off with deals on Until Dawn, Alien: Isolation, and more

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PlayStation started their Sale of the Dead last week and while the sales from last week are gone, you can get some good deals on a new batch of games! Below you'll find some of the best games and deals between PS3 and PS4, not all games from the sale are included these are just our personal favorites! You can view the full list here. The prices listed are the PS+ prices, if you don't have PS+, you'll need to view the store page and see what the sale price is.


  • Until Dawn $9.99
  • Alien: Isolation $8.99
  • DmC Definitive Edition $11.99
  • Zombie Army Trilogy $14.99
  • Darksiders II: Deathfinitive Edition $10.49
  • Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition $5.99
  • The Bunker $11.99
  • Psychonauts $5.99
  • Deception IV: The Nightamare Princess $24.99
  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition $14.99
  • Dead Island Definitive Collection $19.99 (Both games are available standalone for $11.99)
  • Limbo $2.99
  • Zombi $2.99
  • 7 Days To Die $17.99

If you're still playing your PS3, there's a couple good deals over there as well!

  • Dead Island Franchise Pack $5.99 ($3.99 per game standalone)
  • Dead Space Ultimate Edition $7.49
  • Dead Space 2 $5.99
  • Dead Space 3 Ultimate Edition $8.99
  • Alien: Isolation $8.99
  • Deadly Premoniton: The Directors Cut $4.99