PlayStation Magazine Drops a “Stealthy Hint” About Metal Gear Solid Rising

I'm usually skeptical when sites mention a "trusted source", but in light of a recent PlayStation Magazine hint, this bit of information is somewhat intriguing.  TGL has reported that a source close to them has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be re-revealed next month.  This not only compliments an announcement from Konami's president Shinji Hirano who in June revealed that "big" Metal Gear Solid: Rising news would be coming this winter. 

This all falls in line with a BIG hint recently teased in a copy of the Official PlayStation Magazine in the UK.  In the magazine there's an excerpt that reads:

"I promise you that next month is an equally significant issue in our history.  I desperately want to say more, but really musn't.  Other than this: turn to p.81 for a stealthy hint and be very, very excited."

Here's page 81.

Ok, so it doesn't really show much of anything about Metal Gear Solid: Rising, but what else could it possibly be!?