PlayStation brand lacking “consumer excitement”, says analyst

For some reason, consumers just aren't excited about Sony's PlayStation as they used to be.  At least that's what DFC Intelligence's David Cole says.

While admitting that the PS3 is an "incredibtly robust system with a great content library", he has noticed that the PlayStation brand overall has lost some of its luster.

As we move into 2012, several analysts have voiced what they think should be "Sony PlayStation's New Year's Resolutions".  The general belief is that Sony needs to figure out a way to stand out from the competition.  But how?

DFC Intelligence's David Cole believes it starts with brand awareness, and feels Sony needs to get back their PlayStation mojo.  With Microsoft and Nintendo stepping up their console competition, Sony needs to find that appeal it once had for gamers.  It needs to offer something more than just amazing exclusives.

Microsoft has added an abundance of new apps to the Xbox 360 to turn the gaming console into a full entertainment hub.  Nintendo is gearing up for the Wii U, which features the innovative new tablet controller.  Sony…well, they have great exclusives, and their hands full with the slumping PlayStation Vita.

To be honest, the PS3 is a great system.  But Sony isn't doing enough to make it stand out.  That falls on either the marketing or the actual technology.  Whatever the reason, consumers just aren't flocking to the PS3, or other PlayStation products, the way they used to.

"For Sony, sales of the PlayStation 3 have been decent if not spectacular," Cole admitted.  "The PS3 is an incredibly robust system with a great content library. Unfortunately for Sony, not all consumers seem to have gotten the word."

There's no doubt the PS3 has sold well, but what if it could've done better?  What if Sony hasn't taken full advantage of the market?  PlayStation Vita sales have slumped since its release in Japan a few weeks ago – with the most recent report showing sales just over 40,000 units.

"The key challenge in 2012 is to bring back consumer excitement around the Sony and PlayStation brand," Cole concluded.

Sony needs to figure out a way to get gamers, and consumers overall, interested in owning a Sony product again.  Maybe it starts with the "Long Live Play" commercial, which was a fan favorite among gamers.