PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale cast grows stronger with Nathan Drake and Big Daddy

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale cast list grew a little stronger last night with Sony announcing the addition of Nathan Drake and Big Daddy.  The two characters join an already impressive list that includes Sweet Tooth, Kratos, Sly Cooper, and a few more that were seen in the initial reveal.
"Nathan Drake is a true PlayStation star known to never miss an opportunity for adventure, making him a perfect addition to our roster," Sony said.  Drake, of course, is most famous from the Uncharted series.
The other addition is BioShock's Bid Daddy, which may come as a surprise, seeing as how he is not a Sony exclusive.
"We think he's a character that typifies the celebration of PlayStation All-Stars," Sony said. "This deep sea giant packs a serious punch when he's angry, offering a fun play style that's fresh and exciting."
The two characters will be available at Sony's E3 booth so we'll be sure to get you our opinions of them.