PlayStation 5 controller may potentially read heartbeat and more

PlayStation 5 may have a very fancy controller.

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed a hell of a lot of details about the Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, Sony is abnormally quiet about the upcoming PlayStation 5 but a new patent may give us an idea of what the controller will be like.

Sony likes to do fancy things with their controllers. On PlayStation 3, they introduced motion controls into the traditional controller which was incorporated into games like Heavy Rain. The PS4 featured the same motion controls, added a light bar, and a touchpad. The PlayStation 5 looks to potentially add tech that will detect your heartbeat and perspiration as biofeedback.

The patent (via Extreme Tech) showcases a traditional Dualshock 4 controller with some grips on both the bottom left and right of the controller. These grips will act as sensors that will pull the biometric data.

Here’s what the PlayStation 5 controller could look like according to the patent.

The controller will then presumably use this data to input it into whatever PlayStation 5 game you’re playing and curate the experience to how you’re feeling. It’s hard to tell how it could potentially use this information outside of horror games but if Sony wants to implement it as a norm, they must have big plans for it.

Sony has already revealed the new PlayStation 5 controller will use haptic feedback as well as opposed to the typical rumble. The Japanese company is still remaining hush-hush on what the big, exciting features of the console will be but this could be a major difference between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

A recent report recently also revealed that Sony is still undecided on the pricing for its next-gen console. The manufacturing cost is reportedly roughly $450 and there may be some issues with getting parts this spring as other tech companies gear up for manufacturing their hardware.

The PlayStation 5 is slated to release Holiday 2020.