PlayStation 4’s God of War release date listed by retailer

Oh please, oh please!

New details on the PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War have been releasing over the past week. We have seen developer interviews and summaries from the ESRB rating, but no official comment on the release date.

It looks like we might have a big hin on when the game will make its release, and it’s a lot sooner than anticipated.

Portuguese retailer, Mega Mania, has listed God of War for a March 22nd release date. This release date, noticed by ResetEra user RocknRola, is the very same release date that was listed in the PlayStation Store.

Back in the first week of December 2017, the PlayStation Store listed God of War for a March 22nd, 2018 release. Coincidently, the original God of War released on the same date in 2005.

Recently, Sony Interactive Japan’s Chris Ashimine told Weekly Famitsu (via DualShockers) that a release date announcement would be happening “soon.”

The only item that makes us suspicious of a March 22nd release date is that the 22nd is a Thursday. Most games release on a Tuesday or Friday, however, Sony could be skipping this tradition in order to hit the original game’s release date.

Without any confirmation from Sony on the game’s release date, all we have is hope.