PlayStation 4 won’t support DLNA or listening to MP3s

The PlayStation 4 and Sony themselves have received a lot of praise for the console. It seemed to hit all the right notes and gamers have eagerly adopted it as their next console of choice. Today, Sony released a FAQ that details nearly every aspect regarding the PS4. We've already detailed the launch games here. However, it seems like two announcements didn't really please a lot of people.

The first is the complete removal of DLNA. For those that don't know what that is, DLNA enabled the PS3 for example to wirelessly communicate and share data with other DLNA enabled devices. That meant sharing pictures from your DLNA enabled phone would be quick and seamless. Such won't be the case with the PS4, since it is no longer DLNA certified. 

The second announcement was the gamers won't be able to listen to their own MP3s, since the system won't be able to read them. While this doesn't seem like a big deal to me, neoGAF users are quite upset about this news. In reality, it makes sense that Sony would remove the feature, given that they want to focus on their new Music Unlimited service which requires a subscription to use. The FAQ did state that users will be able to listen to songs using Music Unlimited while playing games.

Is the DLNA and MP3 removal announcement as heartbreaking for you as it is for others?