PlayStation 4 owners can grab NieR: Automata and Skyrim: Special Edition at a discount on Amazon this weekend

Xbox One owners aren't so lucky.

Xbox One owners are making out well this weekend on Arkane's reboot/re-imagining of Prey, but PS4 owners can grab two really great games for a combined $70 (plus tax) in NieR: Automata and Skyrim: Special Edition on right now. The Xbox One version of Skyrim: Special Edition is only available from third-party retailers, while NieR: Automata is only available on PS4 and PC. The PC version of NieR: Automata is also only available at the regular retail price.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the sale is that digital codes for NieR: Automata are also discounted at $45, which is mostly unusual for Amazon, as they prefer cutting the cost of physical copies most of the time.

There's no telling how long these sales will last, but it's safe to say they will most likely be gone by Monday, so if you've been waiting on either (or both) of these titles, now may be the time to jump in.

NieR: Automata is one of 2017's highest-scoring games, coming in at an average Metascore of 88.

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