PlayStation 3 Update 3.73 Arrives, Now Available for Download

The PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.73 update is live and ready for download, optional of course.  According to the PS3 Twitter account, the non-mandatory update improves "stability during use of certain PS3 format software."

Other than that, Sony hasn't released much else about the information.  We're still waiting on an official blog post to detail the fixes, but it's still nice to know Sony is making improvements on the PlayStation 3 Network, even if it isn't always clear what it is.

Assuming your PS3 system software is 3.72 or later, there really is no visible reason to update, but if you're like me you'll do it anyways.  Why else would they release it?  If you have already downloaded the update, did you notice any improvements or changes to your PS3 console?  Leave any details in the comments below!