Playing Doom on an ATM is easier than it sounds

A group of Australian hackers took their trade to an ATM with the plan of playing id Software’s FPS progenitor Doom using the machine’s keypad and screen.

Hack A Day user Rick Osgood covered the hack (seen in the video above) in a recent post. “Many ATMs today are simply computers that run a version of Windows,” Osgood said, “so one would assume it shouldn’t be too difficult to get an older game like DOOM running on the hardware.” Of course, there were numerous challenges to be overcome and rewritten in order to get things playable.

Controls were arranged by way of a PCB attachment used to emulate USB input. This allowed the ATM’s buttons to act as keyboard commands, ignoring the original control circuits. In addition, Osgood points out, in order to get the OS to cooperate, MS-DOS emulation software was likely necessary.

This would certainly make the lines at the bank less painful. 

[Hack A Day via GameInformer]