Players jump off in-game cliff as Vanilla World of Warcraft server ‘Nostalrius’ officially shut down

Preemptive in-game solidarity marches and suicide pacts held.

It is done. The plug has been pulled. Nostalrius, one of the biggest World of Warcraft (WoW) Vanilla servers is officially dead.

Blizzard earlier sent a Cease and Desist letter to those behind the WoW vanilla server Nostalrius giving them until 23:00 April 10, server time, to shut down their servers. Otherwise, the server users would have to PvP Blizzard in court, something the Nostalrius team wasn't up to.

Some almost heartbreaking pictures and a videos of the final moments of Nostalrius have surfaced. The pictures shows how hundreds of players didn't want to wait for the inevitable demise of their beloved characters and friends so they made in-game suicide pacts. They went to on a march from Orgimmar to Thunderbluff to jump off a cliff and die.

Thousands of other players decided to die together, united as a community, when the servers got shutdown (of course, in-game). They met up and said their final words while fire was raining down. The silence that ensued when the servers got taken down was surely deafening.

More than a few Nostalrius players have voiced their opinions about the server shutdown and it is safe to say that the Vanilla community isn't happy with Blizzard.

Nostalrius is no more. About 800,000 accounts have been lost. It is the end of an era.

Source: FZ