Playable Arma 3 build to be released to PC gamers after E3 2012

Following the heartbreaking news of a Arma 3 delay earlier this month, developer Bohemia Interactive announced they will release a 'Community Alpha' build of the game to players following this year's E3 event in June.

The 'Community Alpha' build is "intended to enable people who'd like to try the game early on in development help us to shape it up – and make Arma 3 the greatest release of the series."

Arma 3 project lead Daniel Musil said the Alpha will be "quite limited in terms of the assets it includes, with the goal of providing enough content to experiment with the brand new bits of gameplay and technology."

"It also enables our passionate community to prepare their mods for the very latest version of the Real Virtuality engine. Then, later on in the year, we'd like to open up our game up even further with a more extensive beta program."

Exact details about the Arma 3 playable build will be announced closer to launch.

Arma 3 was originally planned for a summer release, but was delayed so the relatively small team of developers could focus on "creating a feature-rich, polished, and bug free experience."

"For us, it all comes down to delivering a quality product. We've achieved a great deal, but we don't want to rush things at the expense of what we finally deliver."

For more details about Arma 3 check out the Bohemia Interactive developer blog.