Play Ten Interactive Presents new trailer for "The Precursors

July 22, 2008

Play Ten Interactive Presents new trailer for
"The Precursors

Including: Spiders, Guns, a Giant
Mech battle and finally blasting everything in Space…

Moscow-based software entertainment
publisher and developer Play Ten Interactive (PTI) unveiled today a new trailer
for its upcoming 360 and PC game “The Precursors”, developed by Deep Shadows.
Precursors combines first-person shooter gameplay based around a deep and rich
role-playing game experience with an exciting plot, hundreds of NPCs, an
intricate variety of quests, huge open terrains, multitude of fantastic weapons
and is scheduled for release in Q1 2009.

In this highly cinematic movie, the
immense sci-fi world of “The Precursors” is presented to the viewers through
interactions with sentient birds, a giant mech robot battle, 4+4 driving across
merciless alien desert, loading your weapon with creepy crawlies and finally
blasting your way in space.

The players take on the role of a
young fighter pilot who immediately after graduation becomes involved in a
terrible war that is about to consume the known Universe. Using an assortment of
weapons and perks, ranging from dinosaur riding to computer hacking, the player
and his three teammates will set out to uncover a secret of ancient races that
threatens the balance of powers in the galaxy.

Eight beautiful and detailed
planets, a variety of space ships, flyers and other vehicles, and a host of
weapons ranging from standard plasma rifles to bizarre spider cannons, are not
the only features that make “The Precursors” unique. A well-balanced blend of
role-playing engagement and dynamic FPS-style action in a completely open world
are characteristic for “The Precursors.” The thrill of exploring space,
adventuring on faraway planets and fighting in great wars between rival galactic
empires make for a compelling experience.

In a striking description by Xbox
Official Magazine, “Precursors takes a Knights of the Old Republic-style setting
and then lets you play through it in a Deus-Ex manner – that is, an FPS with
role-playing elements… It looks set to offer all that “more” a gamer could
desire”. Be sure you don’t miss the trailer showing the actual gameplay footage!

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Precursors Trailer 2