Play Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 with Dredg

June 22, 2009

Play Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
with Dredg

Independent music artists Dredg,
preparing for the release of their fourth studio album, will play Pro Evolution
Soccer 2009 with Xbox LIVE Gold Members June 28. If you’re an Xbox LIVE Gold
Member, and you want a chance to play with Dredg, send a friend request to the
following Gamertag (Dredg GWF 1 and Dredg GWF 2) and be online half an hour
before (4:30 P.M. ET) the Game with Fame session starts on Sunday, June 28, 5:00
P.M. ET.

The band’s most recent project, The
Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion is scheduled to be released in June and should
further cement their reputation as a band unafraid to take risks, creating
thoughtful and intense rock music. Their producer, Matt Radosevich, says, "Dredg
is a band that looks at the recording process as limitless. They constantly want
to push for a new sound. We worked at the record for seven months but it never
felt like we were not being productive–it’s the fact that the band is so
meticulous about what they want to do. It’s sort of an anomaly in music today."

The new album has actually been
inspired in part by an essay written by Salman Rushdie, "Imagine There’s No
Heaven: A Letter To The 6 Billionth Citizen." The album is constructed in the
form of a letter, with musical piano interludes they call Stamps Of Origin. But
it’s not elitist art rock. Guitarist Mark Engles says, "It’s rough around the
edges and loose in areas like our old stuff." Dredg consists of Engles, Dino
Campanella (drums, keyboard), Gavin Hayes (vocals, guitar), and Drew Roulette
(bass, samples).