Play Call of Duty: World At War with Dream Theater

June 15, 2009

Play Call of Duty: World At War
with Dream Theater

Innovative progressive metal band
Dream Theater, in celebration of the pending release of their new album Black
Clouds & Silver Linings, will play Call of Duty: World at War with Xbox LIVE
Gold Members June 20. If you’re an Xbox LIVE Gold Member (if not, upgrade now!),
and you want a chance to play with Dream Theater, send a friend request to the
following Gamertags (DreamThtr GwF1 and DreamThtr GwF2) and be online half an
hour before (7:30 A.M. ET) the Game with Fame session starts on Saturday, June
20, 8:00 A.M. ET. Note the special time because Dream Theater will actually be
playing from Bilbao, Spain, while they’re on tour.

The band’s tenth album, Black Clouds
& Silver Linings, will be released June 23 in both a standard edition, and a
special 3-CD collection including a CD of instrumentals and one of cover songs.
They’ve been recording since 1989, and have developed a huge and intense
international fan following. Drummer Mike Portnoy says of the new release, "I
think that this album is taking all the things that our fans love about us and
putting them all in one place. A lot of the music is dark and heavy, but at the
same time it has a lot of soft and melodic edges that are equally important to
our sound." The band consists of James LaBrie (vocals), John Myung (bass), John
Petrucci (guitar), Portnoy, and Jordan Rudess (keyboards).