Play through action-adventure game history in Evoland — out now

Evoland, the "story of action-adventure gaming," is available now for PC and Mac, according to developer Shiro Games.

The DRM-free game costs $8.99 (a 10 percent promotional discount off its $9.99 regular price) via Shiro's website. It will be available later today/tomorrow on GOG and Steam. English, French, and German languages are supported.

In Evoland, players witness first-hand the evolution of the action-adventure genre, which includes notable action-role-playing games like Zelda and Final Fantasy. The title is based on Evoland Classic, which developer Nicolas Cannasse created for a Ludum Dare competition. It reached over 300,000 players in a couple months.

This version adds in new monsters, bosses, and collectible items and incorporates changing play styles and 3D environments.

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