Play NHL 16 five days before its official release with EA Access

Only requirements are that you own an Xbox One and have EA Access

Hockey fans rejoice as the release of the next NHL is closely arriving. The original retail release date for NHL 16 is September 15th, but owners of the Xbox One and members of EA Access can play the game 5 days early!

Once downloaded, players will have a 10 hour trial, note that this is the full version of the game, not just a demo. All your in-game progression, connected franchises and your myplayer, will carry over if you do decide to purchase the game either physically or digitally. 

EA Access is also offering a 10% discount to the game if you decide to but it digitally. Normally NHL 16 would cost $60, but with EA Access you can grab it for $54. This is worth looking into if you decide the game is for you.

NHL 16 is set to release for PS4, PS3, Xbox one, and Xbox 360 on September 15th.