Play Halo 4 multiplayer and earn free Microsoft Points

Before racking up any more play time on Halo 4's outstanding multiplayer, be sure to sign up for the Xbox LIVE Rewards. That's because the giant reward program is offering a new promotion that gives you free Microsoft Points for the amount of time you spend playing Halo 4's multiplayer.

The Halo 4 Combat Tour offers three different tiers of rewards depending on the amount of time played. You'll get 100 Microsoft Points for 35+ hours played, 300 MP for 70+ hours played, and a whopping 600 MP for 140+ hours played. If you can make it to the top tier than I salute you.

Additionally, the Combat Tour is offering a refund program for the amount of Microsoft Points you spend on Halo content through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. If you spend 1500 Microsoft Points you'll get 100 back; for 3000 spent you'll get 200 back.

In theory, you could get a total of 800 free Microsoft Points just from this Halo 4 Combat Tour. So stop reading and start playing! Head over to the Xbox Rewards page for more details.