Platonic Games releases a new “kawaii” mobile game

It's so sweet; I think I need to go see my dentist..

If you're familiar at all with Platonic Games you might know about their original game titled "Sweet Sins": an endless runner where you attempt to lead cute versions of the seven deadly sins through redemption. Apart from the main cast, there are also little collectable pets called Mimo. These adorable little creatures from this cute game are now getting their own spin-off title, "Happy Hop". 

Happy Hop is beyond words. This "Endless hopper" is overflowing with cuteness to the point that rainbows are literally pouring from the characters body. The game boasts 70 different pets with 20+ landscapes all in a cute "kawaii" style.

The game which had a release date of "Mid June 2016" is currently available and is downloadable for both Android and iOS devices.