PlatinumGames promises a fresh start with the proprietary PlatinumEngine

Powering PlatinumDreams with PlatinumEngine

Japanese gaming powerhouse PlatinumGames has shared tons of new info about the company’s prospect ambitions. Among those is a brand-new in-house game engine that is going to power the studio’s next-gen projects. It’s aptly titled the PlatinumEngine.

All signs are surely pointing towards the talented folks over at PlatinumGames to become one of the most ambitious studios’s going right into the next generation of home consoles. In recent months, the studio has openly embraced the multiplatform future of game releases by bringing one of their most famous Wii U exclusives to PC, PS4 and the Switch with The Wonderful 101 Remastered.

It only makes sense that this isn’t a one-off and the studio is planning to both bring other games to more systems alongside becoming one of the bigger third-party developers out there. The quality is absolutely there, with PG being behind several of the most beloved games of the past decade. Titles like Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Nier: Automata have truly elevated the developers from the niche into the spotlight.

We tested out external engines like those, but we found that they were lacking some features that we needed. It’s possible those features could be implemented at some point, but even if so, it would be on a timeframe that’s completely out of our control. When you’re trying to develop highly original titles, that lack of control can be fatal.

Today, we learn that to become more independent, future PG titles will be powered by the PlatinumEngine. A tailor-made in-house game engine that will exactly feature all the technical grunt to power the designer’s visions. PG’s engine developers further elaborated on the reasons why they are creating their own engine instead of using commercial ones. A fast and easy prototyping ability, alongside cutting-edge visual performance promise a bright future for Platinum heading towards next-gen. With the newly teases Project G.G. it’s safe to assume it will be the first PlatinumEngine powered title, even if the studio firmly states that there is still lots of work left to be done on their engine.