Platinum’s Atsushi defends Japanese games

Japanese games have come under some scrutiny lately. With important people in the industry bashing them left and right, it's crazy to see how bad of a reputation these titles are developing. But Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba feels that Japanese titles are being wrongly criticized while western games get a free ride. "I don't like it when people lump Japanese games developers all together into one group," Atsushi told Edge. "Frankly, I think it's a joke. What do these people know?"

Whether you dig Japanese games or not, the Platinum employee makes a very good point. "There are many western developers making terrible games, and then you see one like Infinity Ward making a game that sells 20 million and everyone goes, 'hey, western developers are amazing!'" he continued. "There are tons of terrible western developers, just like there are tons of terrible Japanese developers. To lump studios together in great masses misses the point."

You go, Atsushi! I've always considered Platinum to be one of the strongest Japanese developers around these days. The company is responsible for some truly outstanding titles including MadWorld and Bayonetta. Are there bad Japanese games out there? Yeah, sure there are! But is everything created in the west made of gold? Hell no!

I think we've learned two things here. The first: There are good and bad games being produced all over the globe. The second: Don't mess with Atsushi!

[Edge magazine via CVG]

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