Platformer / Fighter hybrid Skyscrappers announced for PS4 and Xbox One

Fight your way up a building falling down

New company Groundshatter has announced their hybrid fighter/platformer game Skyscrappers will be headed to Xbox One and PS4. It features four players at once attempting to jump back and forth up a collapsing building all the while trying to both survive and take out  your three opponents at once. Groundshatter is based in Bristol, UK and headed up by James Parker who's worked on games such as Lego: Bionicle and Reservoir Dogs the Game. 

Skyscrappers will utilize a local four player multiplayer mode with no online and there will also be a single player mode as well. Choose from four available characters such as Jessica, Kichirou, Solene and Phileas. Two male and female characters each, picture Skyscrappers as the old arcade game Rampage but with the characters fighting each other while climbing up the falling building at the same time. No release date or pricing is available yet, but the game will release on both PS4 and Xbox One in the future.