Plans for Single Account to Access Minecraft, Future Mojang Games Detailed

It started off with only Minecraft, but as the popularity of the game grew, so did Mojang and the demand for more innovative games.  Eventually they announced Cobalt and Scrolls.  Anyone who has played Minecraft already knows about the account login to access the game.

Now, Mojang has plans for players to be able to use those same credentials for all future games.  Mojang addressed the single-account login in a blog post today where they stated, "This is where we currently are headed."

They gave a brief rundown of how the Mojang account would function and the reasoning behind the decision as well.

"The idea is that you use this Mojang account (where the username would be your e-mail address) to sign in to Minecraft, to Scrolls and to Cobalt. After that you would proceed to choosing which profile you’d like to play as—for Minecraft this would correspond to today’s accounts (premium status, display name, skin etc)."

They continued, "The reason for this change is first and foremost to keep things simple for players who wish to play our other games, or to have several Minecraft accounts under the same roof. And oh, we won’t just shove over the almost 18 million (!) current Minecraft accounts to the new system but you’ll have to opt in, at least for this point in time."

Mojang has plans to roll out the service with Cobalt some time this month and then fully integrate it with Minecraft early next year.  Mojang encouraged feedback, comments, or questions, which can be posted here.