Planet Coaster will launch in full on Steam in Q4 2016

The game's Alpha 3 phase will launch next month

Frontier Developments has announced that their upcoming and on-going roller coaster park simulator, Planet Coaster is going to be releasing in full in the last quarter of 2016. The developers have not given a specific release date, but after several successful Alpha Test sessions, it seems that they feel that the game is close to being ready. Gamers will be able to pre-order the game on Steam starting on August 25th, but an official retail price has not been given.

Frontier expects that the Steam Workshop will "form the backbone" of the game's community (much like many other mod-friendly games), and the developers will be testing this feature once the game goes into its Alpha 3 phase starting on August 23rd, which means that players will have to get a Steam account. 

Although it hasn't been the case to this point, Frontier also announced that players will be required to play Planet Coaster specifically through Steam (which for most PC gamers isn't a problem) so if for some reason you still don't have a Steam account (they are free btw), you can sign up for one here. Currently, the game is available to play exclusively at the developer's website, for $74.99.

The Beta phase is scheduled to follow soon after the Alpha 3 phase, but Frontier hasn't provided a date for that yet either.