Planet Coaster Alpha 2 now available for PC, adds Terrain Sculpting

Planet Coaster is getting closer to the park building sim we were hoping for

Frontier Developments has just launched the second phase of their upcoming park building simulator, Planet Coaster’s Early-Bird Alpha for PC. The developers say they are putting the most powerful creative tools ever designed for a simulation game into Planet Coaster, and that this second phase of the Alpha improves upon what was already present.
Planet Coaster’s Early-Bird Alpha originally launched in March of 2016, allowing players to build rides, lay paths, place scenery and utilize a modular construction system. Planet Coaster Alpha 2 brings an all new Terrain Sculpting toolset that lets players reshape the land, forging hills, mountains, craters and caverns to add new layers of depth to their creations.
The Terrain Sculpting mechanics lets players build their roller coasters sky high, in tunnels below ground or carved through mountains. There are also more authentic coaster types, new stations and all-new paint options adding to the game's customization options.
This summer, Phase 3 of the Planet Coaster Early Bird Alpha plans to add even more features as the Developers continue towards Planet Coaster’s planned launch in Q4 2016.