Pixel Mines Fireteam Reloaded Hits Open Beta

December 17, 2007


Online action game fans should
report directly to the Fireteam Reloaded website

  to sign up for the open beta of an exciting
new game from Pixel Mine, Inc. Fireteam Reloaded is a team-based multiplayer
action game that combines fast-paced sports action with intense battlefield
combat – while using a powerful integrated voice communication suite that let
players talk smack to the competition or strategize with their teammates.

To coincide with the start of open
beta, the Pixel Mine Web Portal is now open for business. Located at the
the Portal is a one-stop-shop for gamers to browse and purchase Pixel Mine
games, check out stats, chat with friends, manage their account and billing,
read the latest news, blog about the games and more. New content for Fireteam
Reloaded, such as character skins, game maps and new game play modes will be
available through the Pixel Mine store using a secure micro-payment transaction

“We want to give players the best
experience from the minute we open the gates; all player characters and
companies will save and transfer when the final game is released. Active beta
testers will also receive up to a 20% discount in the Pixel Mine Store,” said
Bill Money, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Pixel Mine. “By maintaining
everything a player needs on our Portal, we are making this the easiest game to
play and manage. Our community, and the game industry overall, are ready for
this game and to see the tremendous value in new digital distribution models.”

According to the Casual Games
Association, more than 200 million people worldwide play online casual games,
and there were over 720 million downloads of casual games in 2006. In a recent
report, Pacific Crest Securities estimated that the U.S. online casual games
business will grow to $725 million in 2008 from $375 million in 2006. The total
worldwide business will be at least twice that size. Analysts identified four
key reasons online casual games are driving growth in the overall videogame
market: New revenue models; New, simple gameplay mechanics; Lower development
costs; and Persistent online game play.

“Pixel Mine’s business strategy fits
perfectly within these guidelines for growth,” added David Reese, co-founder and
President of Pixel Mine. “We’re keeping development costs down with a 4-6 month
dev cycle per title. Furthermore, we’re taking full advantage of the
opportunities that today’s Web culture has to offer. We have a wealth of
experience building online communities that will enable us to anticipate and
fulfill the needs of our customers from the start. These are AAA titles like
you’ve never seen before – all the quality and fun of a massive console game
without the multi-million dollar budgets and 2-3 year dev cycles.”

Fireteam Reloaded features state of
the art in-game voice chat technology, provided by Vivox, that lets players
easily communicate with one another to formulate strategy and taunt their
opponents. Fireteam Reloaded also features a spectator mode that lets
enthusiastic fans cheer or jeer from above and even drop items into the game
from their spaceship.

Get in on the Action Open beta of
Fireteam Reloaded is available to the general public beginning today. The game
runs on the PC and supports Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems.
Download the game at
.  Fireteam Reloaded will be released in Q1-08.