Pin-Up Girls Invade Battlestations: Pacific

May 20, 2009

Pin-Up Girls Invade
Battlestations: Pacific

Create your own WWII aeroplane
nose art at

This week, to celebrate the recent
release of Battlestations: Pacific on the Xbox 360 and PC, co-publishers Eidos,
Inc. and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a brand new pin-up
girls website,, to salute the naughty but nice nose art of
World War II.

The new site,
, lets users create their own WWII nose art, which
appeared on the sides of fighters, bombers and other war planes of the era. The
site features the talents of the lovely international pin-up model Tailor James
along with the stunning newcomer Irena G striking classic WWII-style pin-up

The user can rewind, slow down,
speed up and even zoom in and out, frame by frame, to find the perfect pin-up
pose for their nose art. The user can also place the pose onto one of four WWII
war planes. With the flash-based paint tool, the user can even adjust the pin-up
pose, add a background image, name and more. A postcard showing the new nose art
on the WWII plane can be shared and turned into a desktop background.

To check out the site for yourself,
or try your hand at creating the ultimate pin-up girl image, please visit