Pilot Down No Longer Missing In Action

Oxygen Interactive announces
Kuju’s Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines for PS2, Xbox and PC

After three years in development,
Oxygen Interactive has at last spotted Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines and is
ready to airlift it to safety in May 2005.

Based on the inspirational survival
stories of American pilots shot down over occupied Europe during the Second
World War, this action-adventure sees US Airman Bill Foster stranded and alone
in Germany in the Winter of 1944. Bill must survive against both the elements
and the elite German forces and only upon reaching the Swiss border is his
survival assured.

Breaking ranks from the current glut
of WWII action titles, Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines is played from a
refreshing third-person perspective and uses an eye-catching comic-book style
that draws players into a rich and atmospheric world that is fraught with the
dangers of enemy territory. Other innovations include a successful blend of
playing styles, from all-guns-blazing action, to role-playing elements such as
earning experience points to bolster Bill’s health and strength, as well as
collecting and manipulating all manner of useful items to help in his quest for

The action takes place across nine
vast and beautifully realised levels. As well as being on the lookout for German
forces, players need to learn how to adapt to the often-hostile environment.
Extreme climate conditions can result in Bill catching cold and even
hypothermia, while never allowing him time to rest will cause fatigue and

Players must also use stealth and
resourcefulness to stay alive while Bill ’s nemesis, notorious Luftwaffe pilot
Captain Killinger, mercilessly hunts him down across the harsh wintry
environments of occupied central Europe.

Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines is
being developed by Kuju and will be published by Oxygen Interactive in May 2005
for PS2, Xbox and PC price 29.99.