Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire ends its Fig campaign at 400% funded

They got what they were hoping for and then some. A lot of "some."

It's hard to believe but Pillars of Eternity 2' Fig crowdfunding campaign is at an end. What's not so surprising is that it was funded (and easily), but it was just a matter of how much it would end up making. We now have that answer as the game's Fig campaign ended literally minutes ago, earning a grand total of $4,407,598. That means that the game ended up over 400% funded. Wow.

The only thing that Pillars of Eternity II wasn't able to accomplish was a stretch goal set for the $4.75 million mark that would have added Sea Monsters and Fishing to the game. But that's what DLC is for, amirite?

Pillars of Eternity II was successfully kept in the dark right up to the moment when developer Obsidian launched the game's Fig campaign but was eventually revealed through a series of cryptic tweets. Initially, some fans thought that Obsidian was teasing the long rumored Fallout: New Orleans, but it didn't take long for those theories to be squashed.

As of right now, the target delivery for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is sometime during Q1 2018, so there is still quite a while until the game sees the light of day.

Source: [Fig]