Phil Spencer: Remedy ‘has to want to make’ Alan Wake 2 for it to happen


Alan Wake is one of the most underrated games of the last generation, and in this day and age of sequels galore, it's almost unheard of that the series hasn't gotten a second entry. However, according to Phil Spencer, it's not for lack of demand…on Microsoft's part at least.

In an interview with Stevivor, Spencer revealed that the ball is essentially in developer Remedy's court if there is to be an Alan Wake 2. When asked what it would take to make it happen, he said:

“How do I put this?
Well, the developer… the developer has to want to make the game."
Talks for an Alan Wake sequel have been going on for years, even as far back as when the Xbox One was known by gamers as the "Xbox 720." There has even been footage of a prototype being developed, but nothing concrete has come of it. By all accounts, Alan Wake 2 seems to have been heavily considered by Remedy at some point, but it appears that it is on the shelf for the time being. 
Here's hoping we get a concrete "yes" or "no," sometime in the future from Remedy.
Source: [Stevivor]