Phil Spencer is hyping Crackdown 3, calls it ‘best CD exp I’ve had’

I would hope so...

It seems like Xbox gamers are in need of something to hang their hopes on. That's the feeling I get at least in the wake of Scalebound's cancellation and the flood of fan questions that seem to be heading Phil Spencer's way; begging for some nugget to hold on to get past the disappointment. Spencer, of course, has obliged, answering fan questions thoughtfully while playing PR damage control in a politely effective manner.

One of his latest quotes revolves around Crackdown 3, where he tweets that he has played the game with Microsoft Studios Publishing GM Shannon Loftis and was left very impressed. Here's that tweet:

As you can see, the question comes once again from a fan with concerns about Xbox's 2017 prospects. IMO, we are only 14 days into the new year, and things change a lot from month to month, so there's no point in assuming that the release calendar is the way it's going to be six months from now. January is traditionally one of the slow months of the year, which has proven not to be the case this year, with Resident Evil 7 on the horizon.

If you have doubts, have patience. Crackdown 3 looks like it's a more important title than ever for Xbox, as evidenced by its delay to focus on its campaign. And besides, would you rather have one great game or five average ones?

Source: [Twitter]