Phil Spencer comments on Titanfall 2 being able to hit 6K on Xbox One X

'Good things will happen'

Xbox One X is going to have a significant impact on games both past and future, and one of the games being talked about right now is Titanfall 2 and its ability to hit 6K resolution. Naturally, how well it sticks to that resolution is another thing entirely, but the subject it certainly being talked about at length, and it's even been brought to Phil Spencer's attention from a fan on Twitter. Spencer didn't offer up much than the usual comments he makes regarding the console, but merely noted that "good things will happen."

Here's the tweet:

Performance reveals such as Titanfall 2's are merely the beginning as there's a laundry list of games expected to get Xbox One X with Final Fantasy XV recently showing off a much smoother performance as well. The real test will be seeing how games grow from the added power going forward into the future.

Xbox One X releases on November 7th, 2017.

Source: [Twitter]