Phase Two of Ghost Recon Online’s Clans coming in ‘early 2013’

With the first part of Ghost Recon Online's Clans feature being implemented yesterday in the 0.9.0 patch, Ubisoft has revealed that the next phase will happen in "early 2013".

The next phase will introduce more competitive elements like dedicated clan matches and leaderboards. Players will be able to challenge other Clans in either ranked or unranked Clan matches. Additionally, the results and stats from ranked Clan matches will be tracked on Clan leaderboards for bragging rights.

"Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our current (and future) players have the tools they need to create their own thriving social groups," Ubisoft said. "We see phase one of our clan feature as just the beginning of a successful game feature that will ensure that finding a group of like-minded and competitive players will be a simple, straightforward and rewarding experience."

Yesterday's patch also introduced brand new Halloween-themed weapons and a Beginner's Playlist.