Phantom EFX Launches Super Newtronic on App Store

March 8, 2010

Phantom EFX Launches Super
Newtronic on App Store

Phantom EFX’s latest App Store
offering, delivers addicting puzzle-arcade gameplay and classic physics

Phantom EFX invites you to bend
physics to the will of your fingers with its latest app, Super Newtronic!
Combining Sir Newton’s physics with mesmerizing electronic sights and sounds and
revolutionary controls, Super Newtronic is a new and addictive app for the
iPhone and iPod touch that is available now. It’s easy to play but impossible to
put down!

The premise is simple: Use the metal
balls to break all the blocks by drawing energy lines with your finger. The ball
will bounce off of them, or tap the screen for a finger-tip explosion that sends
the ball flying. Tap and hold to charge up a larger finger blast that will
propel the ball further. And although it may sound similar to other block
busting games, Super Newtronic uses a cutting edge physics engine that fully
incorporates gravity, friction, bounciness, mass, and force. The balls don’t
bounce endlessly – they can fall down and off the screen, making a game of Super
Newtronic feel like a revolutionary new twist on pinball!

Super Newtronic can be found on the
Apple App store for $1.99 here:

Super Newtronic features include:

  • Multiple play modes, including
    Arcade and Challenge, and different difficulty levels ensure a near endless
    replay value

  • Online leader boards track high
    scores around the world and allow trash talking between friends

  • Endless Arcade levels and 50
    unique Challenge levels with 9 possible game endings (depending on your
    progression path)

  • Beat levels in Challenge mode to
    unlock them in Experimental mode, where you can alter the game parameters
    (time limit, gravity, bounciness, etc.)

For more information about Super
Newtronic, please visit