Phantom Doctrine 2: The Cabal is an unexpected third-person shooter sequel

I spy, You Spy

CreativeForge Games has unveiled Phantom Doctrine 2: The Cabal. The stealth-action game is only confirmed for PC at the moment and has no release window. Check out the announcement trailer here!

2018’s original Phantom Doctrine is a turn-based RPG that makes everything we learn about its sequel a real shock. Gone is the strategic and tactical layer in favor of real-time third-person action. This is absolutely not a bad thing and it really depends on how the game ends up in the end but it sure is a surprise for fans of the developer’s past projects that were set in the turn-based strategy genre – besides the RTS Ancient Space that is even more strategic.

CreativeForge Games have proven with Hard West and Phantom Doctrine that they know how to create thrilling games and as such there’s enough reason to be excited that Phantom Doctrine 2 will be a worthwhile departure.

Phantom Doctrine: The Cabal with new modes and gameplay options, allows you to gain a completely new experience from the game. This time you’ll be playing from the third person view in real-time. The gameplay mainly consists of elements of stealth, silent killings, impersonating enemies, hiding corpses, shootings, plot tracking, mission planning, and recruiting new agents. Each task will require tactical planning and skillful management of your team. The tactical pause system will help you play the missions in the most optimal way. You will decide how you want to accomplish the task by choosing from a large number of alternatives.

Just as the first game, Phantom Doctrine 2: The Cabal is set in the Cold War stage of the 1980s, in the dangerous world of espionage. The titular Cabal is a terrorist organization and it’s up to the players to work their way into the shadowy agency and dismantle it from the inside. We’re getting some great Alpha Protocol vibes here and hope that the developer manages to achieve their ambitious vision to its fullest extent. There simply aren’t enough spy games.