Peter Pan chooses Xbox One

I missed a lot yesterday. Our parent company took us to Key Largo for a day of snorkeling and fun, so I'm not going to complain. One little interesting snippet from yesterday, besides the Steam announcements, was Robin Williams' Reddit AMA. 

As you might remember, Robin Williams is a confessed lover of games — both video and tabletop. He named his daughter Zelda because he loves the Nintendo franchise so much. With The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, he even did a commercial for it with his daughter. 

Anyway, during yesterday's AMA, a Reddit user asked him, "What console do you think you'll prefer: Wii U, PS4, or Xbox One?" Robin Williams replied:

I'm playing a game called Battlestation Pacific. I'm looking forward to the next Xbox. I can't imagine the graphics being any better. It will be like these characters are living in your house. I'll have to be doing duck and cover just to get to the bathroom!

For the WiiU or the PS4, at this point I haven't seen them yet but I might have to check into the cyber wing at Betty Ford.

If you'd like to read more of the AMA, you can find it HERE. There's a lot of talk about Zelda and Warhammer, and it's one of the best AMAs I've read. 

I will say this: It's pretty bad for Nintendo that a man who loves Nintendo enough to name his daughter Zelda hasn't seen your newest console, especially after a year of it being on the market. Speaks volumes about the struggles of the Wii U.

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