Peter Molyneux would love to make Fable 4 despite previously having troubles with Microsoft

But it'll probably never happen.

Controversial developer Peter Molyneux recently sat down with OXM and discussed the idea of a new entry in the popular fantasy Xbox series, Fable. When asked about the potential for a fourth Fable game, Molyneux replied excitedly.

"It’s crazy that Fable IV isn’t being made," he told OXM. "I would love to do Fable IV, and the studio tried to do it. You’d have to get the original team back together though."

Molyneux attributed the very dark humor from the series to why Microsoft has shyed away from making more games in the series. He discussed how Microsoft was pretty disgusted with the prostitution and even things like gay marriage.

"I think it was the sense of humour. You know the British, slightly politically incorrect sense of humour, especially with Fable, where we had prostitutes and same-sex marriage. Microsoft were appalled, you know, they were busily going around trying to rub all the nipples out of all the women just not to offend people.

"[The] things [Lionhead designer] Mark Healy would put in–if you play Black & White you notice that all the totems are completely phallic, just penises everywhere."

Although things have changed pretty drastically over at Microsoft since the release of Fable 3 in 2010, it's unlikely we will see a new Fable game for a long time. Lionhead closed down earlier this year while making a mulitplayer spin-off game in the Fable universe and Fable has always been a pretty controversial series for a variety of reasons.