Persona 5 has been delayed again, but will get dual audio

Well, this sucks.

Persona 5 has been delayed yet again, ruining the Valentine's Day release that fit so well with its “steal your heart” theme. The new release date has been moved to April 4. News of the delay was delivered to fans during a live stream that was meant to show off the localized version of the game. Fans are understandably disappointed, considering the game has been out in Japan since last September.

To ease fan disappointment, the game will now feature dual audio, with the Japanese voice acting coming in the form of free DLC from PSN. Additionally, for the 24 hours following the live stream, fans can download a free Persona 5 theme on PS4. While that's no consolation for some, many will be pleased simply to hear the dual audio is confirmed and free.

How do you feel about the delay? If it's to improve the quality of the localization, I say push it back till June if needed. Anything to avoid another localization failure stateside.