Persona 4 Golden for Vita receives release date in North America

For those who don’t know, Persona 4 Golden is Japan’s best-selling PS Vita game of all time. Of ALL TIME.  Granted the PS Vita isn’t that old… but who’s nick picking?  Don’t be deceived, Persona 4 Golden is actually the 5th installment in this role playing game genre.  Japan had been hording this for too long now, it’s finally time to share.

November 20th of this good year, Atlas will be releasing Persona 4 Golden in North America.  Sony will be putting this game out in stores as well as the PlayStation Store.  So if slaying various types of monsters, collecting personas to fuse, exploring areas, getting a night job, and well written characters that you can develop bonds with is your sort of RPG thing – November 20th can’t come sooner.