Persona 4: Dancing All Night debuts opening theme “Dance!”

“This energy’s got us inspired now!”

Persona Music Live 2015: Night of the Phantom has the Persona blood in my body flowing with extreme hype right now. What better way to get the energy flowing than a brand new track from Persona 4: Dancing All Night? On top of that, how about the opening theme creatively titled “Dance!” Perfect.

This song. First off, you best be listening it the video above. It’s like this glorious now track that embodies everything Persona 4. It’s got this whole disco feel to it with liberal samples from “Pursuing my True Self.” Even though Lotus Juice didn’t rap on the Persona 4 soundtrack, he’s clearly here supporting Shihoko Hirata.   

If this energy doesn’t have you inspired now, we couldn’t stop it, just set it free and… dance! If this is sort of quality of track we can expect in Persona 4: Dancing All Night, I’m all in.