Persona 4 Arena Ultimax arcade update bringing characters from the PS3 and Xbox 360 release

Rise, best girl?

While arcade games (even arcades themselves) have trailed off in North America, arcade games are still pretty popular in Japan. 

Arcades are so popular in Japan that the highly anticipated Pokkén Tournament will only be seeing an arcade release in Japan (for now).

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax saw an arcade release in Japan in 2013, a console release on August 28, 2014 (September 30 in North America). The console release brought in a couple characters that the arcade versions didn't have, luckily enough for Japanese arcade gamers – Arc System Works will be updating the arcade version. Rise, Ken & Koromaru, Adachi, Marie, and Margaret will be added and playable in arcades in January 2015.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (arcade) will be testing on November 21 through November 24 at Akihabara Hey, Taito Station in Nihonbashi, Taito Station in Osu, and Taito Station Omiya.