Perhaps the significance of Total War: Rome 2’s release day is just a coincidence

I like to give credit where credit is due, Creative Assembly gets mad props. After covering Total War: Rome II for months, interviewing members of the team, and from watching their Rally Point videos – it’s quite clear, this team knows their historical facts. Is it a coincidence that Total War: Rome II was released the DAY before the fall of the Western Roman Empire? I think not!

Back in 476 in Italy, Emperor Romulus Augustulus surrendered Western Rome to Odoacer. For this reason, Romulus Augustulus is considered the last emperor of Western Rome. This event happened on the 4th of September ONE day after Total War: Rome II released 1527 years later!

I see what you did there Creative Assembly, way to pick historically themed release dates. I’m on to you. Check out the review and fight for (or against) Rome! Let’s not let history repeat itself this time.