Perfect World: Dawn of the Elementals Update Launches

May 22, 2009

Perfect World: Dawn of the
Elementals Update Launches Ltd is proud to
present its biggest update for Perfect World MS – the Multilanguage-version
(English, Spanish, German, French and Turkish) of the popular and successful
Free-to-Play MMORPG created by Perfect World Beijing.

With "Dawn of the Elementals", a
whole new set of features is available for the players, extending the already
wide possibilities even further, way beyond expectations.

The Main-Element of this
Content-Update is the addition of the so-called "Elemental Elves" – tiny little
flying companions, that grow in level and possibilities with its master or
mistress. Bound to one or more of the five elements, each Elemental Elf will
become unique, and a companion, that assists in PvE- and PvP-Battles – depending
on the abilities it has available, and on the wish of its master.

Another important part of this
update is the upgraded User-Interface, that appeals more to the nature of the
Multilanguage environment, one example being replacing the chat-buttons with
according symbols, instead of text. An increased camera-control, allowing
further zooming than before, and a casting-trigger, enabling automatic
self-buffs or heals when in a battle also add to the usability of Perfect World

A whole new questline opens the
added feature of the Supply box to all of the players. This box makes useful and
new items available to the players, once they have reached a distinct level.
Rare awards and sample cash-shop items are among the items that you can receive,
as well as weapons and other interesting equipment, that can assist you in your
dangerous journeys.

It is time to wake up, It is time to
experience and see the "Dawn of the Elementals"

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