Perfect World’s Neverwinter coming to Xbox One first in 2015

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Neverwinter, their free-to-play action-based MMORPG, set in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe, will be coming to the Xbox One. With MMOs slowly making their way to consoles, it's not a shock that Neverwinter is making the jump, especially considering the action oriented gameplay that's very well suited for a controller.

"Neverwinter is our premier title to bring to console players,” said Perfect World Entertainment CEO, Alan Chen. “Consoles are a perfect fit for action-oriented MMORPGs like Neverwinter, and we are thrilled to be one of the first publishers to bring premium free-to-play titles to leading next-gen platforms. Being able to bring Neverwinter to the Xbox One is a critical achievement for Perfect World. It is our first step taking our games beyond the PC market.”

Neverwinter won't be hitting consoles until 2015 however, and I say consoles because it seems that Xbox One will be getting the game first, while the PS4 would be getting it at a later, undisclosed date.

I, for one, have always wanted to play Neverwinter with a controller, so this jump is something I'll be looking forward to.