People Can Fly founder: Bulletstorm sequel was going to be ‘an amazing game’

2011’s Bulletstorm was undoubtedly a polarizing experience. Some outlets found it to be one of the best shooters in recent memory, while others critiqued the action as tedious and sometimes too over the top (though it’s fair to say that Saints Row: The Third then came onto the scene and laughed in the face of anyone who believed games can be too over the top). Nevertheless, according to developer People Can Fly, Bulletstorm sales were “OK” and worthy enough of a sequel, which the studio then began. But, as the story goes, management, a la EPIC Games, halted development to have People Can Fly work on one of their upcoming games which then turned out to be Gears of War: Judgment.

What does this all mean, you ask? I mean many games start their development and then have it ceased by their publishers, but according to People Can Fly founder Adrian Chmielarz, the sequel to Bulletstorm was shaping up to be “an amazing game.”

"It was gonna be actually more insane in a way," Chmielarz said in an interview with Eurogamer. "It's still kinda believable but the pulpiness and the craziness of it was through the roof."

Chmielarz, who has since left the company, then pointed out the cautions that developer Electronic Arts had with a sequel – several of which he noted as being fair, mainly at a sales standpoint.

"We analyzed what we could for the sequel, what we have control over, and it would be an amazing game," he said. "But it was also very risky, because you don't have that many examples of games where the first part was doing so-so; it wasn't a failure but it was very so-so. And then the sequel suddenly kaboomed. So it was a big risk."

We found the original Bulletstorm to be a “good” game that was very deserving of its 7.5, adding that the game is a “very good start to a series on the cusp of greatness.” Sadly, though, it looks as though we might not ever see a sequel.

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Source: [Eurogamer