People are putting their Pokemon GO accounts for sale on eBay

Not even surprising.

Earlier this week it was reported that people were already flipping their Pokemon GO accounts on PlayAuction, Cragslist and Facebook, but it appears as though the flipping is even more widespread than previously imagined. 

Niantic is doing their best to take down the listings for Pokemon GO accounts, seeing as their guidelines specifically state that trading or selling accounts are off limits and can result in an account termination, but that isn't enough of a threat for people looking to make a few extra dollars. 

One quick search on eBay will bring joy to every lazy Pokemon GO players heart. The online retailer has listing for accounts anywhere from level 6 to 25 with prices ranging from around $30 to $1,500 – depending on which Pokemon the account is offering. That's not all though, there are "leveling services" that are being offered, starting at $40 and topping off around $115. 

It's almost like that time where the people of eBay decided $499 was a decent price for a silly Chewbacca mask, or that they could charge people for free Division DLC. Heck, it's even like that time when people were selling PlayStation 4 consoles because they had P.T. on them.

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