Peak Products Announces Starpex Guitar Peripheral

July 22, 2008

Peak Products Announces Starpex
Guitar Peripheral

First-ever full-size, wood,
Guitar Hero/Rockband controller with the authentic look and feel of a real

Peak Products have announced Starpex,
a guitar peripheral for Guitar Hero and Rock Band on the PS2 and PS3. It’s a
Guitar Hero/Rockband controller with the look and feel of an authentic guitar.
With these games rising in popularity (over 17 million copies sold!) to the
point where bars across the nation will host “Guitar Hero Nights,” the Starpex
has huge potential to be one of the most sought after gaming accessories. No
longer will GH/Rockband enthusiasts have to settle for a plastic, toy-like
guitar controller. They can now step up to the stage with Starpex, making them
feel that much more like a true rock star.

Starpex Features

  • Instrument-quality, high-gloss
    lacquered finish

  • Hardwood body, neck, and headstock
    handcrafter by a leading guitar manufacturer

  • Compatible with Guitar Hero/Rock
    Band games on PS2/PS3

  • Star Power/Overdrive button
    provides the fastest most accurate access to improving your score

  • Ten Fret Button Design features
    improved button feel, reduced fatigue, and option to play solo-style at the
    base of the neck

  • Enhanced Strum Bar gives the
    perfect balance of tactile and audible feedback

  • Connect wired for maximum scoring
    potential or wirelessly(2.4Ghz)

  • Modular design allows users to
    separate electronic components from the body of the guitar allowing for
    further future customization including new guitar bodies, pick guards, and

The Starpex will be available at
Circuit City and in August 2008 for $179.99. For more information,
please visit