PC Aviator Launches MegaSceneryEarth

December 26, 2008

PC Aviator Launches

Hyper-Realistic Photo-Scenery On
Demand For Microsoft Flight Simulator X

MegaScenery publisher, PC Aviator,
in partnership with MegaScenery developer Aerosoft Australia Pty Ltd, today
announced the launch of the next evolutionary phase of the MegaScenery brand –

MegaSceneryEarth is a product line
that involves the massive project of mapping as much of the earth as possible as
ready-to-use photoscenery (created from aerial photography) for Microsoft Flight
Simulator X. The focus initially will be on the continental USA.

End users visit the MegaSceneryEarth
website, choose the pre-created areas of photoscenery packaged as tiles varying
between 1200 and 2800 square miles and download them instantly after purchase.

While the concept of downloaded
software is certainly not new, the concept of a megastore of on-demand,
ready-to-use photoscenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator available for instant
download is as a result of the MegaSceneryEarth model.

Aerial photographs for the
MegaSceneryEarth product line are from source data of primarily 1 and (some) 2
meters per pixel resolution and are displayed in Microsoft Flight Simulator at
1.19 meters per pixel. The end result for the user is a very realistic
representation of the particular area being flown in Flight Simulator.

As well as for entertainment, the
product line also has sorts of positive implications for licensed and trainee
pilots wanting to become familiar with visual flight operations in particular
geographical areas.

This project was made possible as a
result of the ever increasing speed of internet connection bandwidth for
consumers however users who do not have fast connections the website also offers
opportunities to have DVD recreations mailed on demand in lieu of downloading.

The pricing for the scenery tiles is
as little as $3.00 per area when consumers take up maximum volume discounts.
This is the lowest price per square mile ever offered for Flight Simulator

The MegaSceneryEarth website is now
live. The current area coverage of the continental USA stands at 215,000 square
miles – 6% of the land mass – and the companies endeavor to complete the entire
USA phase of this project within 12 months. New areas will be rolled out as
completed giving the end user a constant choice of new scenery areas to choose

The website that consumers can visit
for further information and to order MegaSceneryEarth is at


MegaSceneryEarth is created and
developed by Australian company Aerosoft Australia Pty Ltd and published
worldwide by PC Aviator Inc.